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12 Yard Dumpsters

For Rent in Phoenix, AZ

At Gator Services, we supply dumpsters for projects big and small. Ideal for dirt, concrete, immobile materials and small remodels, our 12-yard dumpster is perfect for your next home project. This dumpster is 12 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 7 feet deep. Thanks to its smaller size, this dumpster is easy to fit in your driveway, alley, or yard.

Dumpster for Home Remodeling, Construction & Clean-Out

Find yourself remodeling your Arizona home and nowhere to put the waste? Here at Gator Services, we offer low-cost rental dumpsters for your next home remodeling project. With affordable prices and same-day delivery, we’ll make sure your renovation goes as smoothly as possible. Give us a call today to discuss the details.

Dumpster for Dirt

We provide rental dumpsters for dirt clean-up. With other varying sizes, our 12-yard dumpster is perfect for your next clean-up job. Our flat rates and honest sizing make it easy and affordable to get rid of your unwanted dirt. Contact us today to rent your next dumpster.

12 yard dumpsters for rent in Phoenix, AZ

12 YD³ Dumpster

$550 $525
  • 7-day rental
  • 3 tons included
  • Order online, Get $25 OFF!
Rent a Dumpster


Depending on your distance from Gator Services, you may be subject to a delivery fee. Please review our pricing zones to see which category you fall under. If you are unsure which zone you are located in, or have questions regarding pricing, please contact us or call 480-717-0050.

Zone 1:
Zone 2:
Zone 3:

What materials are NOT allowed in the 12 Yard dumpsters:

Arizona Dumpster Rental Allowed Materials: What you CAN throw away

you can throw away:

  • Rental Dumpsters for Wood waste (Phoenix) Wood
  • Rental Dumpsters for Plastic waste (Phoenix) plastic
  • Rental Dumpsters for Tile waste (Phoenix) Tile
  • Rental Dumpsters for Paper waste (Phoenix) paper
  • Rental Dumpsters for Cardboard waste (Phoenix) Cardboard
  • Rental Dumpsters for Glass waste (Phoenix) glass
  • Rental Dumpsters for Concrete waste (Phoenix) CONCRETE
  • Rental Dumpsters for Steel & Metal waste (Phoenix) steel / other metals
Phoenix Dumpster Rental Banned Materials: What you CAN'T throw away

you can't throw away:

  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Hazardous Waste hazardous waste
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Sludges sludges
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Asbestos asbestos*
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Nuclear Waste nuclear waste
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Flammable Materials flammable materials
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Flammable Liquids flammable liquids
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Batteries batteries

*We will handle asbestos waste as long as we are made aware of it beforehand - it will require special paperwork and a dumpster with a steel lid.

Best Dumpster Rental Service in Phoenix

At Gator Services we offer roll-off dumpster rentals 7 days a week, with no additional charge for after-hours and weekend services. We know it can be difficult to find a dumpster when you need it most. For those last-minute projects, we offer same-day shipping if you order a dumpster before noon. Gator Services is also one of the only waste management companies that will transport waste and materials that contain asbestos. Don’t put your waste management project on hold any longer, order your dumpster today.

Pricing & How It Works

Order a 12-yard dumpster with us today for your next at-home project!

Rental Dumpster Sizes

We have a variety of dumpster sizes to fit large and small scale projects. Whether you’re doing a small residential clean-out, or managing a large commercial construction project, Gator Services can provide the required waste management solutions.

**All prices are transparent and include drop off and pickup. Prices vary depending on delivery distance. Additional days are $20 per day. Additional weight is $79 per ton.**