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40 Yard Dumpsters

For Rent in Phoenix, AZ

Gator Services offers a 40-yard dumpster that is excellent for large waste management projects and commercial-sized demolitions. This dumpster is 22 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 7 feet deep, giving it the ability to handle some of your biggest projects. 

Dumpsters for Demolition

Commercial demolition projects can produce large quantities of construction materials, including concrete and wood. In order to efficiently collect the materials that accumulate from such a large project, you’ll need to use our 40-yard dumpster. Our 40-yard roll-off can handle a wide variety of high-volume materials, making your waste management project easier than ever before.

Dumpsters for Construction

Construction sites can quickly become cluttered with unwanted materials and scraps. Don’t let your work area become messy and unsafe, order a 40-yard dumpster to help with waste management. The 40-yard roll-off dumpsters at Gator Services allow your construction workers to efficiently dispose of their materials. Smaller dumpsters can fill up fast at larger construction sites due to the high volume of materials. Rent a large 40-yard dumpster so that your construction site stays clean. 

Compactor Rental

If you’re worried that even our biggest dumpsters won’t have the capacity for your waste, you can take advantage of our concrete compactors. Gator Services offers compactors that can be rented for up to 21 days at a time. Our compactors will decrease the amount of volume your materials take up in your dumpster and save you money. Rent your compactor today!

40 yard dumpster rental in Phoenix, AZ

40 YD³ Dumpster

$650 $625
  • 7-day rental
  • 4 tons included
  • Order online, Get $25 OFF!
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Depending on your distance from Gator Services, you may be subject to a delivery fee. Please review our pricing zones to see which category you fall under. If you are unsure which zone you are located in, or have questions regarding pricing, please contact us or call 480-717-0050.

Zone 1:
Zone 2:
Zone 3:

What materials are NOT allowed in the 40 Yard dumpsters:

Arizona Dumpster Rental Allowed Materials: What you CAN throw away

you can throw away:

  • Rental Dumpsters for Wood waste (Phoenix) Wood
  • Rental Dumpsters for Plastic waste (Phoenix) plastic
  • Rental Dumpsters for Tile waste (Phoenix) Tile
  • Rental Dumpsters for Paper waste (Phoenix) paper
  • Rental Dumpsters for Cardboard waste (Phoenix) Cardboard
  • Rental Dumpsters for Glass waste (Phoenix) glass
  • Rental Dumpsters for Concrete waste (Phoenix) CONCRETE
  • Rental Dumpsters for Steel & Metal waste (Phoenix) steel / other metals
Phoenix Dumpster Rental Banned Materials: What you CAN'T throw away

you can't throw away:

  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Hazardous Waste hazardous waste
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Sludges sludges
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Asbestos asbestos*
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Nuclear Waste nuclear waste
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Flammable Materials flammable materials
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Flammable Liquids flammable liquids
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Batteries batteries

*We will handle asbestos waste as long as we are made aware of it beforehand - it will require special paperwork and a dumpster with a steel lid.

Best Dumpster Rental Service in Phoenix

Gator Services is available 24/7 for inquiries and bookings for our roll-off dumpsters and compactors. We know that it can be difficult to find dumpsters late in the day and over the weekend. For that reason, we offer dumpster rental services 7 days a week with no additional charge over the weekend and after hours. Better yet, we offer same-day shipping for those unexpected, last-minute projects.

Pricing & How it works

Rent our 40-yard dumpsters today.

Rental Dumpster Sizes

We have a variety of dumpster sizes to fit large and small scale projects. Whether you’re doing a small residential clean-out, or managing a large commercial construction project, Gator Services can provide the required waste management solutions.

**All prices are transparent and include drop off and pickup. Prices vary depending on delivery distance. Additional days are $20 per day. Additional weight is $79 per ton.**