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Tempe Dumpster Rental

Roll-Off Dumpster & Compactor Rental

Gator Services provides a wide range of dumpers and compactors at an affordable price. Our easy-to-use equipment is paired with our convenient delivery & pick-up services, complemented by our helpful service workers. We offer roll-off dumpsters 7 days a week to Tempe, Arizona residents and businesses. Not only are services available all week, but we provide booking and inquiry services 24 hours a day because you never know when you’ll need a dumpster. 

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Renting a Dumpster - How it Works

Renting a dumpster with Gator Services is very simple. Just give us a call, or fill out a quick dumpster rental form. After that, notify us of the best dates and times for your dumpster drop-off and pickup. If you’ve already made an order and changed your mind about the details, just let us know. We’d be happy to help make any changes you need.

What to expect

Roll Off Dumpster Rental Prices & Sizes

All prices include drop off and pick up. There are never any hidden fees, charges, or taxes.

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Tempe Dumpster Rental Customer Reviews

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jake b

Sep 17, 2021 Arizona Compactor & Dumpster Rental Customer Review

Matt was professional and on time. It made our prep work getting our house on the market easier without having to even think about the waste removal. More convenient than competitors

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Case McCall

Sep 16, 2021 Arizona Compactor & Dumpster Rental Customer Review

Fast response. Good clean dumpsters. Would always recommend

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Preston Keller

Sep 15, 2021 Arizona Compactor & Dumpster Rental Customer Review

Very professional and always answers calls or texts. Works with me on scheduling deliveries and swaps. Definitely would recommend

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garth hosch

Sep 8, 2021 Arizona Compactor & Dumpster Rental Customer Review

Fantastic company!! Great service!! Great prices!!

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John Bowling

May 18, 2021 Arizona Compactor & Dumpster Rental Customer Review

Great communication, great rates Will continue to use on all our projects

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Dumpster Rental for Commercial Use in Tempe

Dumpster Rental for Commercial Use in Tempe

Large commercial projects accumulate large amounts of waste. That’s why you need a dumpster that can handle substantial amounts of high-volume materials at the same time. Gator Services offers several different dumpster sizes that are perfect for commercial-sized waste management projects.

Dumpster Rental for Construction in Tempe

Dumpsters for Construction Debris

Gator Services offers two dumpster sizes that are ideal for holding construction debris. Our 40 yard and 60-yard dumpsters are capable of handling large amounts of dirt, wood, concrete, and any other waste found on your construction site.

Dumpster Rental for Residential projects in Tempe

Dumpster Rental for Residential Use in Tempe

Whether you’re cleaning up waste from your backyard, or getting rid of some junk in your garage, Gator Services has the dumpster for you. We offer convenient dumpster rental services that will drop off and pick up your dumpster right from your driveway. Our roll-off options will make your waste management project one step easier, and your home a lot cleaner.

Rental Dumpsters for Home Cleaning in Tempe

Dumpsters for Home Use

It can be a hassle finding a way to get rid of unwanted furniture or trash. That’s why Gator Services offers conveniently sized dumpsters that are perfect for home use. Our 12 and 20-yard dumpsters will fit in the average driveway without being too intrusive, but can also handle large amounts of trash. These dumpsters can help you finally get rid of the junk that's been building up in your home. Order a dumpster today!

Rental Dumpsters for Yard Waste in Tempe

Dumpsters for Yard Waste

Sticks, dirt, leaves, and stones always seem to end up in our yard when we don't want them to. Gator Services offers a 12-yard dumpster that is perfectly sized for yard waste management. This dumpster can be conveniently placed in your driveway or yard, making it easy to throw away your yard waste materials. Using our 12-yard roll-off dumpsters is easy, convenient, and affordable. Get yours today.

Rental Dumpsters for Demolition Projects in Tempe

Dumpsters for Demolition

Large demolition jobs generate sizeable amounts of waste that won’t fit in most dumpsters. However, Gator Services offers a 60-yard dumpster big enough for just about any project. High-volume waste materials such as concrete and wood will fit in our large dumpsters, no problem. If you think our 60-yard dumpster isn’t big enough for your project, take a look at our compactor options.

Rental Dumpsters for Garbage / Trash in Tempe

Tempe Compactor Rental

For high-volume waste management projects, a compactor may be the best solution. We offer enclosed 40-yard roll-off compactors capable of holding the same amount of waste as four standard 40-yard dumpsters. This maximizes your waste capacity, minimizes dumpster pick-ups and drop-offs, and ultimately saves you money on waste management expenses.

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