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Dumpster Rental process & pricing

Our goal is to provide the most convenient, efficient, and cost-effective dumpster rental service in all of Arizona. We are always flexible to your changing needs and are always available to help. We are happy to work with you to determine the best solution for you and your project.


At Gator Services, our dumpster rental process is simple!

How to Rent a Dumpster in Phoenix
Fill out a dumpster rental form or call us to order...
  • Select a dumpster size
  • Select the date range you need the dumpster for
  • Select a pick-up date for us to come and get the dumpster
How to Rent a Compactor in Phoenix
If we don’t hear from you...

We will be there on the selected pick-up date to take the dumpster. If you’re finished before the pick-up date, give us a call to request an early pick-up. If you need the dumpster longer than expected, give us a call!

Same Day Dumpster Delivery: Weekends & After-Hours at NO Extra Charge

We operate 7 days a week and are often able to deliver your dumpster(s) the same day. If you adjust your pick-up date, we may be able to pick up your dumpster the same day you call, depending on availability. After-hours and weekend services are available at no extra cost.

Rent a dumpster

Roll Off Dumpster Rental Prices & Sizes

All prices include drop off and pick up. There are never any hidden fees, charges, or taxes.

** Order online and get a $25 discount at checkout! **


Depending on your distance from Gator Services, you may be subject to a delivery fee. Please review our pricing zones to see which category you fall under. If you are unsure which zone you are located in, or have questions regarding pricing, please contact us or call 480-717-0050.

Zone 1:
Zone 2:
Zone 3:
12 yard dumpsters for rent in Phoenix, AZ
  • 7-day rental
  • 3 tons included
  • Order online, Get $25 OFF!

12 YD³ Dumpster

Great for home remodel projects, moving, yard waste, etc.

Our 12 yard dumpsters are perfect for smaller projects like home remodeling, residential landscaping projects, or extensive cleaning. They are also popular for commercial unit build-outs and remodeling. The 12 yard dumpsters can fit easily in most driveways and other cramped parking areas.

$550 $525 More Details
20 yard dumpsters for rent in Phoenix, Arizona
  • 7-day rental
  • 3 tons included
  • Order online, Get $25 OFF!

20 YD³ Dumpster

Great for small construction projects, roofing, & medium-sized projects

Our 20 yard dumpsters are ideal if a 12 yard dumpster is too small. The 20 yard dumpsters are popular with small commercial projects like roofing, parking lot paving, commercial unit construction and remodeling, etc. The 20 yard dumpster can still fit in most cramped worksites without needing to be left in the street.

$600 $575 More Details
40 yard dumpster rental in Phoenix, AZ
  • 7-day rental
  • 4 tons included
  • Order online, Get $25 OFF!

40 YD³ Dumpster

Great dumpster for larger scale construction & demolition projects

Our 40 yard dumpster is best for larger projects like home construction or small/medium demolition projects. It’s a little bit small for the largest of construction projects, but great for large-scale roofing, parking lot paving, landscaping, and remodeling projects.

$650 $625 More Details
60 yard dumpster rental in Greater Phoenix Area (Arizona)
  • 7-day rental
  • 6 tons included
  • Order online, Get $25 OFF!

60 YD³ Dumpster

Great dumpster for the largest-scale projects

Our 60 yard dumpsters are the largest dumpsters we provide. 60 yard dumpsters are great for any of the largest-scale construction and demolition projects - and any other project where a 40 yard dumpster would fall short. If you think a 60 yard dumpster won’t be large enough, consider renting our compactor!

$720 $695 More Details

High-Volume Dumpster RentaL

If you need a high volume of dumpster space (contractors and commercial projects), reach out to us for an adjusted quote to get the most competitive pricing. If you are on a long-term worksite that produces high volumes of waste, you may be interested in a long-term compactor rental to maximize dumpster space and reduce costs.

Not sure what size to go with?

Dumpsters tend to fill up quicker than people think they will. If you are not sure which size to get, we always recommend getting the next size up. You can find our rental dumpster sizes above. We also offer 40-yard compactor rental for high-volume waste disposal. If you need more help selecting the right size please call us and we can help you pick out the size that best suits your needs! 

What Can or Can’t I throw into a rental dumpster?

Gator Services is far more capable than other Phoenix-area dumpster rental services when it comes to handling and properly disposing of hazardous waste and materials. Other than these banned materials, we allow for any other waste material to be disposed of in our dumpsters.

Arizona Dumpster Rental Allowed Materials: What you CAN throw away

you can throw away:

  • Rental Dumpsters for Wood waste (Phoenix) Wood
  • Rental Dumpsters for Plastic waste (Phoenix) plastic
  • Rental Dumpsters for Tile waste (Phoenix) Tile
  • Rental Dumpsters for Paper waste (Phoenix) paper
  • Rental Dumpsters for Cardboard waste (Phoenix) Cardboard
  • Rental Dumpsters for Glass waste (Phoenix) glass
  • Rental Dumpsters for Concrete waste (Phoenix) CONCRETE
  • Rental Dumpsters for Steel & Metal waste (Phoenix) steel / other metals
Phoenix Dumpster Rental Banned Materials: What you CAN'T throw away

you can't throw away:

  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Hazardous Waste hazardous waste
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Sludges sludges
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Asbestos asbestos*
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Nuclear Waste nuclear waste
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Flammable Materials flammable materials
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Flammable Liquids flammable liquids
  • Rental Dumpster Banned Materials: Batteries batteries

*We will handle asbestos waste as long as we are made aware of it beforehand - it will require special paperwork and a dumpster with a steel lid.